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The Mindful PhD: On Another Planet

The Mindful PhDby Nancy Chick, CFT Assistant Director

Last year, Forbes declared university professor the Least Stressful Job of the Year (Adams).  The response was so strong that the writer issued a corrective Addendum, and the magazine published a variety of rebuttals explaining the stresses of this seemingly cushy job (c.f., Kroll, Willingham). In the wake of this controversy and resulting reality checks, faculty working conditions have changed dramatically. Reforms have swept across campuses, public awareness has shifted to elevate all educators above even the most beloved professional athletes, and politicians no longer describe them with scorn.* The 2014 Least Stressful Jobs list has just come out,** and university professor has again made the list–but this time, rightfully so.  It’s #4 on Forbes‘s list and #2 on CareerCast’s Best Jobs of 2014. We clearly have more work to do, but let’s celebrate the reforms of the last year that led to this well-deserved recognition.  More….

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