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Upcoming Faculty Teaching Visit with Edward K. Cheng on February 5th

Posted by on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 in News.

Edward K. Cheng

Professor of Law

Law 735: Evidence

Edward Cheng’s research focuses on scientific and expert evidence, and the interaction between law and statistics. Law 735: Evidence is a comprehensive survey of the Federal Rules of Evidence, the rules that regulate the flow of information to juries in the vast majority of trial courts. Professor Cheng uses a variety of teaching methods, including legal education’s signature pedagogy, the Socratic method, as well as lectures, discussion, role-playing, and case studies. Cheng varies his methods from class to class to keep the content—typically thought to be somewhat dry—fresh and lively and, more importantly, to help students see and understand how the rules of evidence are applied as real-time weapons used to craft arguments in court.

Date: Wednesday, February 5th
Class Time: 10:50am-1:00pm
Location: Moore Room (Law School)
Facilitator: Derek Bruff
Discussion Location: Moore Room (Law School)

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