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Upcoming Faculty Teaching Visit 2/4/16 with Brooke Ackerly, Associate Professor of Political Science & Philosophy

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2016 in News.

Brooke Ackerly, Associate Professor of Political Science and Philosophy

POLSCI 3253: Ethics and Public Policy

Brooke Ackerly, Associate Professor of Political Science and Philosophy, has wide ranging research interests in democratic theory, feminist methodologies, human rights, and social and environmental justice. Her teaching, consequently, is in the areas of feminist theory and methods, human rights, contemporary political thought, and gender and the history of political thought. This Spring, we will be visiting her course, Political Science 3253: Ethics and Public Policy, which is focused around the question, “What is the right thing for us to do?” More specifically, it addresses local and global issues of climate change, poverty, and gender justice as contexts for theoretical arguments about ethics, justice, public policy, expertise, and responsibility in the nation and the world. Her teaching methods involve a mix of student engagement techniques including lectures, problem-focused discussion, debate, and other forms of collaborative learning.

Date:              Thursday February 4th      
Time:             9:35am-12:00pm (Class, 9:35-10:50am; Discussion, 11:00am -12:00pm)
 Room:           Buttrick 102 Discussion in room Buttrick 123
 Facilitator:      Vivian Finch
Faculty Only:  Register Here

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