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JFTF Spotlight on Lynn Punnoose

Posted by on Monday, April 3, 2023 in JFTF, News.

Throughout the year, the CFT highlights the work of their Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows. This month, Lynn Punnoose shares about her work as a Fellow.


I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt and a cardiologist specializing in advanced heart failure. I am passionate about education both for our faculty and trainees, and I am most interested in building our curricula to address practice and knowledge gaps in our field. As I have developed bootcamp sessions and electives for our fellowship, I have found that the most exciting areas to build knowledge have been intersections with other disciplines—ranging from palliative care, hematology oncology, immunology to cardiac surgery.

Through JFTF, I am working to develop a curriculum focusing on social determinants of health in heart failure—specifically, helping our fellows develop an approach to assessing and responding to social determinants of health in their patients. I hope to teach our fellows how to build a toolkit that can be tailored to the particular setting they find themselves in after training—be it a community hospital, a large academic center, rural or urban area, and especially if they work in a social/political setting different from where they trained. Through discussions and observations of my colleagues in the JFTF program, I increasingly appreciate the importance of helping my students build on the skills they have, rather than establishing a blanket goal for all my trainees that isn’t tailored to each person’s strengths and interests.


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