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Vanderbilt Instructors Open Their Classroom Doors

Posted by on Thursday, September 7, 2023 in News.

Would you like to watch one of your colleagues teach to see how they manage the classroom, engage students, or address challenging subjects? Do you ever feel like you toil privately to learn how to teach? You’re not alone.

Too often in higher education, we instructors do not have the opportunity to watch and discuss each other’s teaching, and therefore, we struggle in what Lee Shulman has called “pedagogical solitude.” The Center for Teaching has long worked to change this isolation by creating occasions for our pedagogical community.

Thanks to the willingness of over thirty well-respected and awarded teachers across Vanderbilt’s many disciplines to open their classroom doors, faculty and graduate students will have the privileged and unique opportunity to observe their colleagues.

Open Classroom ’23 will occur between September 11th and October 6th, with each visit concluding with a CFT-facilitated 30-minute post-class discussion immediately following their visit.

To see the complete list of classes and to register, see the Open Classroom webpage. Availability is limited, so be sure to register early!

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