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Campus Composting

Students: Summer Rucker, Zachary Bloom, Terri Green, and Jackson McKeever
Faculty: Lori Troxel
Course: CE 2120-01



Our project proposes a sustainable solution to the University’s food waste. Through the human centered design thinking process, we decided to pursue composting on campus as a food management solution. We researched the benefits of composting and asked students and residents their opinions of composting. We concluded that composting is very accessible and adaptable manifestation of food waste management. Thus, if Vanderbilt wants to remain an environmentally active school, composting should be its next step.

What knowledge or skills did you learn?

We became well acquainted with the human centered design thinking process. Through research, we discovered the more underlying benefits of composting and how its effects can facilitate other manifestations of sustainability and environmental conservation and activism.

What made this project interesting for you?

This project allowed us to delve deeper into Vanderbilt’s executions of sustainability and gave us the insight and knowledge to critique Vanderbilt. What drove us to continue doing it was fact we could share the knowledge and distribute awareness through campus. Lastly, we knew that we would be presenting it front of influential people and we wanted to present a fully articulated solution so they may follow our plan and make change on our campus.