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Questions for Interviewing Faculty about Their Teaching

When meeting with faculty to discuss their views on teaching, you can use these questions to frame your discussions and/or develop your own questions.

  • How do you approach your subject as you prepare to teach?
  • Do you try to identify more with your discipline/material or your students?
  • How do you to try to motivate students during the class period/over the semester?
  • How do you prepare before each lecture/discussion/help session?
  • What different methods or approaches do you employ to present material from different angles or points of reference?
  • How do you encourage critical thinking in your students?
  • What ways of manipulating physical space in the classroom do you find effective?
  • What have been your best (and/or worst) teaching experiences? Why?
  • Were there teachers who impacted you (for better or worse) and how have you incorporated what you learned from them into your own teaching?
  • What kinds of technologies do you find effective in teaching?
  • How might new technologies change teaching over the next 5 years?