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Student Cases

Below are several exemplary student cases that Joe has used in multiple classes.  They were written by students at Bowdoin College and Vanderbilt University, and come from a wide array of courses, from “Environmental Sociology” to “Globalization and Social Change.”  In each there is an introduction, the case debate itself, and notes for instruction.

Blazej, Nanda. “The Conflicting Sides of the Whaling Debate”

Box, J.P. “National Administrative Office (NAO) Conference: A Summary Report on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Is free trade compatible with workers’ rights?”

Butler, Sarah. “What is the best form of development? Who decides?: The Case of Borneo, Malaysia”

Cordner, Alissa. “Bovine Growth Hormone, the European Union, and the WTO: International Trade and State Sovereignty”

Elenbaas, Peter. “Lobsters, Lifestyles and Local vs. Regional Control.”

Favolise, Jeff. “Hands Across the Border: the National Administrative Office (NAO) Hearing on the UE-FAT Complaint against Itapsa-Echlin”

Garner, Julia and Vincent Villano. “Post-Soviet Union Struggles to Redefine Socialism: Cuba’s Struggle for Self-sufficiency and Sustainable Development”

Gilfenbaum, Eben. “China’s Perpetual Revolution”

Huang, KoKo. “The Three Gorges Project: A Question of Sustainable Development?”

Lau, Summy. “An Unfair Food Fight: Lowering the Human Cost of Food in Immokalee, Florida”

Lawrence, Megan. “The Future of a Nation: Balancing Perspectives on Development and Social Justice – The Land Issue in Independent Namibia, 1991”

Leach, Kate. “Microlending as a Solution to Poverty”

Pollan, Megan. “Navajo vs. Leetso: The Endless Battle against ‘Yellow Dirt'”

Pope, Sarah. “Should the United States require labeling of genetically engineered food products?: Voices of competing American interests”

Rubin, Julie. “Mountain Top Removal in West Virginia”

Trangsrud, Robin. “How countries pursue economic development and justice? Brazil decides on Free Trade Agreement of the Americas”

Schick, Adriana. “Revolutionary Mobilization: Student Uprising in South Africa in 1976”

Scoville, Sylvie. “’Panacea’ or ‘Pandora’s Box’? Ecotourism in Nepal”

Wissel, Debbie. “The UN Global Compact: Promoting Corporate Agendas or Instilling Corporate Responsibility?”

Ziemba, Jamie. “The Long Struggle towards Environmental Justice for Central American Banana Workers.”