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One Button Studio

The studio will temporarily halt services beginning March 19.

The One Button Studio is an automated, simplified video studio that can be used without any previous video production experience. The studio is equipped with a combination of special hardware and software that allows users to simply plug a flash drive into a USB port and push a button to start recording. All of the lighting, audio, and video equipment is already in place so no set-up is required.

Who can use the One Button Studio?

The studio is available for faculty (and other course instructors) to use in support of their teaching at Vanderbilt University. The studio is not available for Vanderbilt staff or students.

Where is the One Button Studio?

The studio is located in Baker 801 (immediately to your left when you exit the elevator).

Why would I record videos for my class?

Videos are a great way to supplement your course content or provide resources for those who want to know more. With YouTube, you can create your own channel for your course where a list all of the videos can be available to students. To help make video a productive part of your class, we’ve written a useful guide to creating effective educational videos.

What should I bring with me?

  • A USB flash drive with at least 2GB of space
  • Your laptop computer with and HDMI connection
    (The studio is equipped with a USB-C to HDMI adapter for Mac users.)

How does it work?

  1. Plug your flash drive into the one button studio station. The camera, microphone and studio lights will all automatically turn on. Make sure the switch for the florescent room lighting is turned off.
  2. Plug the HDMI cord from the large display monitor into your laptop. Launch your presentation, web browser, or application and display your desired content.
  3. Stand in the designated spot, marked with yellow tape on the floor, and grab the remote clicker to advance your presentation (if needed).
  4. When you are ready, press the big, silver button next to you. A countdown will appear on the one button studio screen.
  5. Once the countdown is complete, recording is in progress and you may begin your video.
  6. To stop recording, press the big, silver button again.
  7. You can press the button again to record any additional video segments onto your drive.
  8. When you are finished, wait for the One Button Studio software to save your video onto your flash drive. The One Button Studio software will tell you when it is finished.
  9. Unplug your flash drive and the studio will turn off automatically .
  10. You are done! Your video(s) are now saved as .MP4 files on your flash drive.

What does the end result look like?

The subject will be standing to the left of a large monitor in front of a solid white background. Below is an example of what the final video would look like.

How do I schedule a time to record in the studio?

The studio will temporarily halt services beginning March 19.

The CFT’s Digital Media Specialist, Carly Byer, manages the studio. Drop-in hours are every Monday between 9-12 and Thursday between 3-5:30. Even if you are just curious to see the facility, please drop by. You can also schedule an orientation session to learn more about the room or book recording time by contacting Carly directly at 615-343-0217 or We’d love to help you get started making videos!