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Senior Faculty Fellows Program


The Vanderbilt Center for Teaching is now accepting proposals for its new Senior Faculty Fellows program. Senior Faculty Fellows will identify teaching and learning challenges in their departments or programs, then work to address those challenges in collaboration with colleagues. Challenges could be curricular (designing a new major or minor, preparing for Vanderbilt Immersion), instructional (improving student engagement large classes, incorporating experiential learning in more courses), or environmental (creating more inclusive classrooms, building mechanisms for peer review of teaching). Challenges should be particularly relevant to the Senior Faculty Fellow’s department or program, but of potential interest to faculty elsewhere on campus.

To address these challenges, each Senior Faculty Fellow will organize and facilitate a learning community consisting of faculty, staff, and/or students interested in developing deeper understandings and more informed practices around the Fellow’s identified challenge. Learning communities will meet at least five times during the academic year and will generate some kind of product—a set of recommendations, a white paper, a syllabus, a panel conversation, or a video case study, among other possibilities. Learning communities will be encouraged to visit each other’s classes, as a way to build community and better understand relevant teaching and learning dynamics.

Senior Faculty Fellows will be partnered with CFT professional staff, who will assist in facilitating the learning communities, and each Fellow will receive $3,000 in research funds to support the work of their learning community. Funds may be used for catering, to purchase books, to bring in outside speakers, or to fund conference travel, among other options.

Faculty members are eligible to apply to be Senior Faculty Fellows if they have received tenure or have been at Vanderbilt at least seven years. Each applicant must submit a letter of application (no more than 1,000 words) in which they identify the teaching and learning challenge they wish to address and describe how their participation in the program is likely to benefit their department’s teaching mission.

Applicants must have the support of their department chairs. Indeed, application letters must be co-signed by the applicant’s department chair, and letters should address departmental support the applicant will receive, should they be selected as a Senior Faculty Fellow. Applicants should also submit an up-to-date CV.

When selecting Senior Faculty Fellows, CFT staff will consider the nature of the challenge identified by the applicant, including its urgency and relevance across campus, as well as the applicant’s potential to affect change in their areas of influence. We hope to select a group of fellows that are broadly representative of the campus and its teaching environment.

Applications are due Friday, January 6th. Senior Faculty Fellows will be selected and notified in early September. Learning communities will begin meeting soon thereafter, perhaps in late September or early October.

Questions? Contact CFT Director Derek Bruff.

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