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‘25th Anniversary’

Symposium Spotlight: Economic Challenges

Sep. 2, 2011—“With student loan debt ballooning and the job market sometimes favoring technical skills such as Web development, it can be difficult for some people to imagine spending four years on a campus reading Shakespeare or studying organic chemistry.” (“Four-Year Degree Losing Luster,” by Michael Cass, The Tennessean, August 28, 2011) “Arum and Roksa [authors of...

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Symposium Spotlight: Social Responsibilities

Sep. 1, 2011—The history of higher education in the United States has been shaped by the twin aspirations of expanding human knowledge and preparing new generations for responsible social leadership.  These defining goals have been written into the mission statements and cultural traditions of most every U.S. college or university and are among the central organizing principles...

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Symposium Spotlight: Changing Technologies

Aug. 31, 2011—Many students carry around phones with far greater capabilities than the computers that helped humans land on the Moon.  Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the ways that many of us interact personally and professionally, both online and off.  Access to information online has increased significantly in recent years, although locating useful...

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25th Anniversary Symposium on the Future of Teaching, September 9th

Aug. 30, 2011—Join us for the Center for Teaching’s 25th Anniversary Symposium on Friday, September 9th, on the 2nd floor of the Commons Center. Faculty, students, and staff are invited to discuss a set of themes that the CFT has identified as likely to affect teaching and learning at Vanderbilt over the next several years: economic challenges,...

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CFT’s 25th Anniversary Events… Will you be there?

Aug. 29, 2011—Join us in the celebrations of the Center for Teaching’s 25th anniversary in just a couple of weeks – September 8 and 9. To kick the celebration off, we’re hosting a keynote talk by Ken Bain, founding director of the Center and author of What the Best College Teachers Do, on September 8th, with opening...

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