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Teaching Difference, and Power Symposium: Class Matters

Among the greatest challenges facing higher education is that of creating diverse and democratic campus cultures that seek to confront, rather than replicate, social inequalities. One of the most challenging inequalities to confront is that of social class, since it shapes all of our lives in profound and often uncomfortable ways. Class touches every aspect…

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The Course Design Institute at the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching

The CFT invites Vanderbilt faculty members to apply to its Course Design Institute on the theme of “Students as Producers.” During the three-day institute (May 8-10, 2017) participants will design (or redesign) courses that engage students not only as consumers of information, but producers of knowledge. Application Deadline: March 19th   “Students as Producers” Research…

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Summer Intensive Graduate Teaching Programs

The purpose of the Certificate in College Teaching, co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching and the Graduate School, is to assist Vanderbilt graduate students and post doctoral fellows who wish to gain a clearer, deeper, more active approach to teaching and learning in higher education. The certificate focuses on the research on learning and best…

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From the Director: A New Course Management System

by Derek Bruff, CFT Director Happy New Year! We have another busy semester coming up at the Center for Teaching, as you can tell from our latest newsletter. Perhaps the biggest news is that the Center for Teaching will help Vanderbilt launch Brightspace as its primary course management system in summer 2017.  Brightspace will replace…

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Teaching Adult Undergraduate Students

by Stacey Margarita Johnson, CFT Assistant Director Cite this guide: Johnson, S.M. (2017). Teaching adult undergraduate students. Retrieved from Adult learners returning to college after military service, parenthood, or other life experiences may approach college in a very different way than their less experienced classmates. Many college instructors think of their undergraduate students as adults and treat…

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Leading Lines Episode 5: Digital Textbooks and Language Instruction

by Derek Bruff, CFT Director In our latest Leading Lines episode, we feature an interview with Lee Forester, Professor of German at Hope College, and Bill VanPatten, Professor of Spanish and Second Language Studies at Michigan State University. The CFT’s Stacey M. Johnson, Assistant Director for Educational Technology, sat down with Forester and VanPatten at…

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Leveraging Travel Abroad: Collecting and Teaching with Authentic Resources

By Stacey M. Johnson and Vivian Finch, CFT Assistant Directors Why is it important to have authentic resources in the classroom?  |  What is an authentic resource?  |  What kinds of resources will you collect when you travel abroad?  |  How do we collect these resources?  |  How do we use these resources in our…

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Course evaluation information

In Fall 2016, the undergraduate schools at Vanderbilt are moving to a mobile-friendly course evaluation system with new questions.  This is the first significant revision to course evaluation questions in more than 20 years. These changes are based on the work of four committees with faculty and student representation, and have been vetted by the…

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Teaching with Digital Timelines

by Derek Bruff, CFT Director This year the Center for Teaching hosted a few educational technology working groups for faculty, staff, and students interested in exploring ways particular technologies might meet their instructional goals. One of the groups investigated the use of digital timeline tools, like Tiki-Toki and TimelineJS, that facilitate the creation of online,…

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New at the CFT Library

Below are highlights from our recent library acquisitions. Stop by the Center for Teaching to browse our over 700 books and resources in person. Note that clicking on the book titles below will lead you to the ACORN records for the books listed. These records provide information on call numbers and availability of these books…

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