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From a Student’s View: Taking a MOOC on Maps with Friends

Jul. 24, 2013—by Derek Bruff, CFT Director We’re soon coming up on the end of the first year in Vanderbilt’s MOOC (massive open online course) initiative, which is, I think, seven years in “MOOC years.” Vanderbilt has offered three MOOCs thus far, all on the Coursera platform, and there are three more in the pipeline. (You can...

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Spatial Teaching

Dec. 10, 2012—GTF Beth Koontz discusses the potential for teaching with spatial technologies in the college classroom. Held in January each year, GradSTEP provides several workshops and discussions on teaching, learning, and professional development issues across the disciplines. This year’s line-up includes a session on teaching with spatial analysis tools: Adding Spatial Dimensions to Teaching led by...

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A Student Poster Conference – Spatial Analysis: Multidisciplinary Applications

Dec. 4, 2012—This year, the CFT has been creating and sharing a podcast series ‘Student Learning on Display’ which highlights student projects across a variety of disciplines. If you’ve been enjoying that series, you might like to see these student projects Wednesday afternoon. The poster session will include a diverse range of projects that integrate GIS-based spatial analyses....

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