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‘Making Learning Visible’

Beyond the Essay, II

Oct. 14, 2013—Print Version Formative Activities: Snapshots of Learning in Process Concept Maps & Word Webs || Word Clouds As Bass noted in his Visible Knowledge Project work with faculty, what “most interested—or eluded—them about their students’ learning” involved the “’intermediate processes’” that occur before students write a paper or take an exam.  They were particularly eager...

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Beyond the Essay, III

Oct. 14, 2013—Print Version Summative Assignments: Authentic Alternatives to the Essay Metaphor Maps ||  Student Anthologies ||  Poster Presentations The essay is often the go-to assignment in humanities courses, and rightfully so. Especially in the text-based disciplines, the craft of the essay is highly valued as part of practicing the work of the field. More broadly, developing...

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Beyond the Essay: Making Student Thinking Visible in the Humanities

Oct. 14, 2013—by Nancy Chick Print Version Cite this guide: Chick, N. (2013). Beyond the Essay: Making Student Thinking Visible in the Humanities. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. Retrieved [todaysdate] from “We asked faculty to ask themselves the most important questions they could about student learning in their courses. How did they know that their students...

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