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Science exams don’t have to be demoralizing: A practical guide

Mar. 25, 2021—by Katie Clements and Cynthia J. Brame With contributions from Ben Yett from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Adriane Seiffert from Psychology; Guil Gualda from Earth & Environmental Sciences; Megan Williams from the MSTP program; David Cliffel from Chemistry; Vicki Greene, Richard Haglund, Shane Hutson, Savanna Starko, and Keivan Stassun from Physics & Astronomy; Thomas Clements, Jessica Gilpin, Kathy Friedman and Jim Pask from Biological Sciences Why do...

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Academic Advising

Jan. 25, 2021—by Joe Bandy Print Version Cite this guide: Bandy, J. (2021). Academic Advising. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. Retrieved [todaysdate] from Values of Advising Conceptual Approaches Informational Resources Relational Skills References     If you ask instructors to choose one word to describe the work of advising, you will likely receive a variety of...

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Overcoming the “busywork” dilemma

Jan. 11, 2021—by Julaine Fowlin, CFT assistant director What is the busywork dilemma? The busywork dilemma is where students perceive that assigned learning activities or assessments are not meaningfully contributing to their learning. Instructors put a lot of effort and time into the design and implementation of these activities, which can be very frustrating. Sometimes activities are...

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Teaching International Students

Dec. 14, 2020—by Alex Oxner and Joe Bandy Print Version Cite this guide: Oxner, A. & Bandy, J. (2020). Teaching International Students. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. Retrieved [todaysdate] from   Terminology Teaching Techniques Curriculum Design Academic Integrity Getting to Know Your Students Office Hours Cultural and Social Awareness Campus Resources References   International students enrich...

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Teaching Innovations at Vanderbilt Blog Series

Sep. 18, 2019—Leah Marion Roberts and Student-driven Course Goals and Expectations May. 4, 2020—By Faith Rovenolt, CFT undergraduate intern   During Spring 2020, the Teaching  Innovations at Vanderbilt blog series will highlight teaching innovations that CFT staff have implemented and evaluated in their own courses. As a student, I find it helpful when a course has clear...

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