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Leading Lines Ed Tech Podcast with Max Seidman

Dec. 11, 2018—In the game Monarch, players compete to the be the heir to the throne. The game is cleverly designed and has amazing art, but what makes it different is that all the characters are women. The dying monarch is the queen, and players are princesses striving to show their wisdom and strength. Monarch upends some...

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Leading Lines Podcast Featuring Julia Feerrar

Nov. 16, 2018—In this episode, we hear from Julia Feerrar, head of digital initiatives at the Virginia Tech Libraries. She speaks with producer Melissa Mallon about a framework for digital literacy that she helped develop, a framework that includes a variety of competencies, from discovery and evaluation, to communication and creation, to identity and well-being. Julia and...

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Developing and Writing a Diversity Statement

May. 7, 2018—by Sara L. Beck, CFT Graduate Teaching Fellow Print Version Cite this guide: Beck, S. L., (2018). Developing and writing a diversity statement. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. Retrieved [todaysdate] from     What is a diversity statement, and what purpose does it serve? What topics might be included in a diversity statement? Getting...

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