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Conversations on Teaching

Conversations on Teaching focus on emergent teaching and learning issues in an informal, discussion-based format.  These sessions provide members of the Vanderbilt teaching community a chance to share their teaching experiences and learn from each other. Teaching Science Lunch Series This fall, we are offering “teaching lunches” targeted toward science faculty. Each lunch will offer…

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Join the CFT’s Learning Community on Community Engagement Pedagogies

The CFT is proud to continue its programming for faculty and graduate students interested in community engagement pedagogies (often called service learning), with a year-long discussion group or learning community.  As former Vanderbilt faculty Janet Eyler and Dwight E. Giles once stated, service learning is “a form of experiential education where learning occurs through a…

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Students as Producers in Social Science Courses

by Julie Lapidot, CFT Student Assistant The following is a summary of a conversation on teaching the CFT hosted earlier this semester, part of our “Students as Producers” theme year. For more ideas on helping students become not only consumers of knowledge, but producers and creators, come to our Celebration of Learning on April 21st….

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Learn to Produce or Produce to Learn?

Vanderbilt faculty members have found a variety of ways to engage students as producers in their classes and guided students to produce work for authentic audiences. The CFT celebrated its 16th annual Graduate Student Teaching Event for Professional Development (GradSTEP) by focusing on our theme for this year, “Students as Producers.” The day started with a…

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Students as Producers: Incorporating Research and Design in Science and Engineering Courses

by Julie Lapidot, CFT Student Assistant, and Derek Bruff, CFT Director On September 25th, the Center for Teaching hosted a conversation on teaching on the theme of “Students as Producers” organized by CFT assistant director Cynthia Brame. The conversation centered around one idea: How can we help students in a science or engineering course engage…

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Inside-Out: A Collaborative Learning Community between Undergraduate Students and People Who Are Incarcerated

On February 17th from12-1pm, the CFT’s Service Learning Working Group will feature Sarah Passino, Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, in a presentation titled Inside-Out: A Collaborative Learning Community between Undergraduate Students and People Who Are Incarcerated. The Service Learning Working Group is open to any faculty and staff interested in discussing the theory…

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Hitting the Road: Conference Season for the CFT

Four members of the CFT staff are attending conferences across the country over the next three weeks. This week, CFT educational consultant Milt Cox is participating in the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) conference in Milwaukee. Milt’s on a panel titled “Transforming Educational Development of SoTL by Engaging in, Leading,…

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Join the Service Learning Working Group!

The Service Learning Working Group is open to any faculty and staff interested in discussing the theory and practice of community engagement in higher education.  It is intended to be an open forum that will aid in the development of best practices among the service learning community at Vanderbilt. In 2011-12, the group will meet…

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Episode 28 – Teaching Outside the Classroom: Part Two

On April 5, 2011, the Center for Teaching hosted a “Conversation on Teaching” on the topic of “Teaching Outside the Classroom.”  This is the second installment of a two-part podcast. In this episode, we join the discussion as David Furbish from Earth and Environmental Sciences as he reflects on his experiences teaching courses that involve…

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New Resource on Teaching Outside the Classroom Now Available!

The CFT has created a new teaching guide: Teaching Outside the Classroom. Teaching and learning can become inherently spontaneous and student-centered when moved from the confines of the classroom into the world at large. This Web resource provides helpful tips and techniques to consider when preparing these learning experiences, along with the recourses you need…

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