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Students as Producers of Disciplinary Habits

by Nancy Chick, CFT Assistant Director The CFT’s recent Teaching Visit hosted by Phil Ackerman-Lieberman illustrated our 2013-14 theme of Students as Producers in a way that’s different from our previous examples.  These other instances typically focus on specific course assignments that engage students in actively creating something, often directing their work toward authentic audiences…

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Alternatives to Generic Teaching: A Plenary North of the Border

On February 25, CFT Assistant Director Nancy Chick presented a plenary session, “Exploring Signature Pedagogies: Approaches to Engaging Your Students and Your Discipline,” at the 2012 Spring Conference of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of British Columbia. The FPSE is organization of unionized faculty in British Columbia’s institutions of higher education.  This year’s conference, held in Vancouver,…

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New Book from CFT Assistant Director Nancy Chick on Signature Pedagogies

by CFT Director Derek Bruff Exploring More Signature Pedagogies: Approaches to Teaching Disciplinary Habits of Mind (2012) just hit the stands a couple of weeks ago.  This is big news at the CFT because the lead editor is Nancy Chick, our new Assistant Director.  This book is the follow-up to Exploring Signature Pedagogies: Approaches to…

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