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‘Social Pedagogies’

Inquiry-Based Biology Labs Give Students a Taste of Research

May. 31, 2011—by CFT Assistant Director Derek Bruff David Salisbury, one of the writers for Vanderbilt’s Research News, recently blogged about the inquiry-based biological sciences lab course designed and taught by senior lecturer Steve Baskauf. The course is an alternative to the standard second-semester lab course. It offers students an opportunity to design their own experiments to...

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Teaching Science by Reacting to the Past

Apr. 19, 2011—by CFT Assistant Director Derek Bruff Last month CFT graduate teaching fellow Lily Claiborne and I attended the AAC&U / Project Kaleidoscope conference “Engaged STEM Learning: From Promising to Pervasive Practices.” (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.) Most participants were STEM faculty from a range of disciplines with some administrators and teaching center staff in...

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