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‘Teaching Assistants’

Teaching Assistant Orientation 2010 Registration Now Open

May. 31, 2010—The Center for Teaching will host its annual Teaching Assistant Orientation on August 18 and 19, 2010 in Buttrick Hall. Teaching Assistant Orientation (TAO) prepares graduate students to assume their teaching duties with confidence by engaging them in interactive sessions about teaching methods and resources.  By attending TAO, you will… Discover effective teaching techniques relevant...

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Outsourced Grading of Student Papers?

Apr. 8, 2010—A recent Chronicle of Higher Education article reports on the emerging practice of outsourcing the grading of student papers to third-party companies.  For example, University of Houston professor Lori Whisenant has outsourced some of the work her TAs used to do to a company called EduMetry: The graders working for EduMetry, based in a Virginia...

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Episode 13 – Tim McNamara on Time-Efficient Teaching

Feb. 5, 2009—This episode continues our podcast series focusing on time-efficient teaching. Faculty at a research university like Vanderbilt must balance a number of competing demands on their time, including teaching, research, and service. For this series, we’re interviewing senior faculty members at Vanderbilt and asking them to share ways they teach effectively while making good use...

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