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Campus encouraged to participate in Blackboard feedback survey

Posted by on Friday, March 18, 2016 in News.

Blackboard Support at the CFTThe CFT, as the administrative home for Blackboard, Vanderbilt’s primary course management system, is conducting an assessment in March to determine the extent to which Blackboard is meeting the needs of campus users.

Results of this needs assessment will inform Vanderbilt’s decision to renew its contract with Blackboard, set to expire in 2017, or to move to another course management system better suited to supporting teaching and learning at Vanderbilt.

Members of the Vanderbilt community, particularly those who teach (with or without Blackboard), are encouraged to complete a 10-minute survey by April 4, 2016. The survey asks about the kinds of tools and features they value in a course management system and about their experiences using Blackboard.

“Since we started supporting Blackboard through the Center for Teaching last August, we have learned a lot about how instructors at Vanderbilt use our course management system,” said Derek Bruff, director of the Center for Teaching. “I’m looking forward to learning even more about how the Vanderbilt community would like to use online learning platforms through this needs assessment survey.”

In addition to taking the survey, Vanderbilt faculty, staff and students may participate in one of several focus groups the Center for Teaching is conducting in March. Email if you’re interested in participating in a focus group or if you have questions about this process.

Following the needs assessment, a course management system selection committee consisting of faculty, staff and students will be formed by the Office of the Provost. Committee membership will be informed by the Blackboard Faculty Advisory Committee as well as college and school deans.

The selection committee will determine vendor selection criteria based on the needs assessment results. Then the committee will invite several course management system vendors, including Blackboard, to campus to give demonstrations in late April.

Vendor demonstrations will be open to the campus community. Feedback on the demonstrations will inform the selection committee’s recommendation to the provost’s office for Vanderbilt’s next course management system.

Learn more about Vanderbilt’s course management system needs assessment and vendor selection process.



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