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Wanting Mid-semester Feedback?

Posted by on Monday, September 28, 2020 in Resource.

It is always a good idea to check in with our students about how a course is going during the middle of the semester, and that will be more true than ever this fall. We at the Center for Teaching can help with our Small Group Analysis (SGA) process, which we have modified to work in a virtual setting. At your request, we can meet with your students for 30 minutes via Zoom during your regularly scheduled class time. Students will have a chance to give input, both in writing and verbally, on how the course is progressing—with a particular emphasis on how course elements are impacting their learning. The CFT staff member who conducts the session will then meet with you via Zoom to discuss the results and how you want to respond. The process can help ensure that you and your students work together to have a good experience, making the most of Fall 2020.

To schedule a mid-semester SGA, contact your CFT liaison or

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