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Sample Cycle Three Projects

In Cycle Three of the CFT’s Teaching Certificate program, participants engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). As explained in the CFT’s teaching guide on the topic, SoTL involves:

  • asking questions about student learning and the teaching activities designed to promote student learning in an effort, at least in part, to improve one’s own teaching practice
  • answering those questions by systematically analyzing evidence of student learning
  • sharing the results of that analysis publicly in order to invite review and to contribute to the body of knowledge on student learning in a variety of contexts

Participants share results by designing and completing Cycle Three projects intended to help participants 1) develop deeper understandings of teaching and learning processes, 2) realize ways in which they can approach their teaching in a scholarly manner, 3) contribute to the larger community of teachers, and 4) prepare for future faculty roles in assessment and accreditation efforts.

Below is a list of selected past Cycle Three projects. Click on the project titles for associated posters. Posters for projects without IRB approval are available only to those affiliated with Vanderbilt.