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‘Academic Integrity’

Recommended Reading: Cheating Lessons by James Lang

Jan. 13, 2014—by Derek Bruff, CFT Director. Cross-posted from Derek’s blog, Agile Learning. Last summer, I was honored to be asked to read and review James Lang’s excellent new book, Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty (Harvard University Press, 2013). James Lang is an associate professor of English and the director of the Center for Teaching Excellence...

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Upcoming Event: Student Incivility

Feb. 2, 2012—Join us for this upcoming teaching workshop! Student Incivility Date & Time:      February 6, 4:10-5:30 Facilitator:           Bill Hardin, Graduate Teaching Fellow Format:                Teaching Workshop Audience:           Graduate Students and Post-Docs This session will explore how instructors can manage incivilities in the classroom-distracting behaviors such as “grade-grubbing,” cheating, rudeness, inattention due to laptops and...

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Summer Reading: Research-Based Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity (Essays on Teaching Excellence)

Jul. 4, 2011—Research-Based Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity Michele DiPietro, Kennesaw State University The POD Network Teaching Excellence Essay Series, 2009-10 From the essay: “A cursory glance at the literature on cheating paints a bleak picture. In the past decades, the prevalence of cheating has hovered at discouragingly high level, with about 75% of students admitting to some...

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Preventing Plagiarism – Some Resources

Mar. 3, 2011—by Derek Bruff, CFT Assistant Director Earlier this week the CFT and the College of Arts & Science’s Undergraduate Writing Program co-sponsored a conversation on teaching titled “Beyond the Quotation Marks: Preventing Plagiarism and Teaching about Academic Discourse.” Our three faculty panelists–Lynn Ramey (French), Andy Van Schaack (HOD), and Roger Moore (English)–shared some valuable perspectives...

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