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‘Center for Humanities’

Excellence in (Student) Podcasting Submissions Now Open

Feb. 16, 2022—The Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities is sponsoring the second annual Excellence in Podcasting Competition, in collaboration with the Office of Immersion Resources and the Center for Teaching. We had really fantastic student submissions last year, and you can listen to the winning submissions on our podcast VandyVox. If you know of students who...

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Excellence in Podcasting Competition

May. 12, 2021—Have any of your students produced excellent work in audio form this year? Maybe you included a podcasting assignment in your course, or you let students choose their medium for a creative assignment and one of them made an audio documentary. Or maybe you’re a student who tried your hand at academic podcasting recently. The Excellence...

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Humanities Teaching Now with Derek Bruff

Sep. 22, 2020—Join us on Wednesday, September 23 at 10:30 a.m., for a discussion about where we are, and what lies ahead, for the Humanities in the wake of COVID-19, as part of the RPW Center’s “Humanities…Now” monthly series. Our guest this month will be Derek Bruff (Director, Center for Teaching), who will share his insights on “Humanities Teaching…Now.”

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