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‘Center for Humanities’

Excellence in Podcasting Competition

May. 12, 2021—Have any of your students produced excellent work in audio form this year? Maybe you included a podcasting assignment in your course, or you let students choose their medium for a creative assignment and one of them made an audio documentary. Or maybe you’re a student who tried your hand at academic podcasting recently. The Excellence...

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Humanities Teaching Now with Derek Bruff

Sep. 22, 2020—Join us on Wednesday, September 23 at 10:30 a.m., for a discussion about where we are, and what lies ahead, for the Humanities in the wake of COVID-19, as part of the RPW Center’s “Humanities…Now” monthly series. Our guest this month will be Derek Bruff (Director, Center for Teaching), who will share his insights on “Humanities Teaching…Now.”

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