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‘classroom response’

PowerPoint hack: A homemade time tracking tool for meetings and classes

Feb. 12, 2021—by Cynthia Brame Have you ever wanted a timer in class or a workshop that would help speakers track their time—without the stress of an actual clock? I recently found something that served this purpose and think it could be handy for a number of situations where you want a visual reminder of time. See...

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Top Hat Training Opportunity This Week!

Jun. 12, 2017—Thursday, June 15th 10:00 am Top Hat is the first classroom response system to be adopted campus-wide at Vanderbilt. Top Hat will be available to faculty, students, and staff across campus starting July 2017.  Instructors teaching with “clickers” are invited to consider Top Hat for in-class student polling. In this web-based introductory session, Kara Dingboom,...

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