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Faculty Workshop: Supporting Effective Teaching in a Department

Oct. 11, 2019—How can academic leaders support a department or school’s teaching mission? In this session led by staff from the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching, participants will consider the ways that faculty members can refine their teaching skills over time as part of their ongoing professional development. Participants will also explore structures and resources that can be...

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Coupling curriculum revision and scholarship in the School of Nursing

May. 18, 2016—We need to have coordinated lectures throughout our curriculum so that students get key concepts early and then build on that solid foundation. We need to avoid undesired redundancy. We need to keep students engaged throughout the three 8-hour days they spend with us in block. We need to quit powerpointing students to death. In...

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Curricular Redesign with the CFT

Jul. 14, 2014—One characteristic of “the best college teachers,” according to Ken Bain (author of the book by this name and founder of the Vanderbilt CFT), is the ability to “reflect deeply on the nature of thinking within their fields“: They know what has to come first, and they can distinguish between foundational concepts and elaborations or illustrations of...

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Memo to Departments: Outcomes Assessment Really is a Good Idea (POD Essays on Teaching Excellence)

Feb. 3, 2012—  CFT Educational Consultant Milt Cox reviews an essay by Wayne Jacobson, University of Iowa, appearing in Essays on Teaching Excellence published by the Professional and Organizational Network in Higher Education. Jacobson claims that outcomes assessment is of key importance to departments. It provides them with the opportunity to discover and measure the impact that...

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