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Writing as a Design Process

Jan. 24, 2019—by Derek Bruff, CFT Director On Tuesday, November 6th, the CFT’s learning community on teaching design thinking hosted a lively conversation about writing as a design process. Both writing and design involve knowing one’s audience and being intentional about feedback and revision. We invited Haerin Shin, assistant professor of English, and Matthew Worsnick, assistant professor...

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Writing as a Design Process: Teaching Design Thinking Learning Community

Nov. 2, 2018—There are some interesting parallels between human-centered design and writing. Just as designers use empathy to understand who they’re designing for, writers try to understand and connect with their audience. And just as writing involves brainstorming and revision, designing involves ideation and prototyping. Join us for a conversation on writing as a design process with...

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Education as a Design Process

Nov. 1, 2018—by Derek Bruff, CFT Director At the October meeting of the CFT’s “Teaching Design Thinking” learning community, Peabody’s Kristen Neal and Melissa Gresalfi shared their experiences teaching in Vanderbilt’s Learning and Design M.Ed. program. Students in this accelerated program spend ten months taking classes and working in teams with local partners, including schools and other...

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Teaching Design Thinking Learning Community October Conversation: Education as a Design Process

Oct. 16, 2018—Students in Vanderbilt’s Learning and Design M.Ed. program combine theories and principles from the learning sciences with processes and practices from user-centered design. Join us for a conversation on education as a design process with Kristen Neal, lecturer in teaching and learning and director of the Learning and Design program, and Melissa Gresalfi, associate professor of mathematics education...

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