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A Conversation on Disability and Digital Literacies

Mar. 11, 2019—As we teach various digital literacies, including critical consumption and multimodal production, how can we be inclusive of students with different abilities? . Join us for a conversation about digital literacies, disability, and universal design for learning at the Center for Teaching on Friday, March 15th, from 12:10 to 1:30pm. . Our panelists will be:...

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Newly Revised CFT Guide on Creating Accessible Learning Environments

Jul. 19, 2018—Graduate Teaching Fellow, Amie Thurber, along with Assistant Director Joe Bandy, have prepared a newly updated teaching guide for creating inclusive and accessible higher education classrooms. While it is first and foremost designed to help instructors in their efforts to create inclusive equality for disabled students, it has content that will help all students access,...

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Teaching, Difference, and Power: Disability and Learning Meeting March 15th

Mar. 12, 2018—Higher education today is home to an increasingly diverse student population with a wide variety of needs and abilities.  This presents innumerable opportunities to enliven and enhance the intellectual dynamism of our classes and campuses.  To take full advantage of these opportunities, university educators must develop the knowledge and skills of teaching inclusively to diverse...

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Learning Community on Disability and Learning

Oct. 19, 2017—This group will address a variety of principles of inclusive teaching, universal design for learning, instructional accommodations, as well as legal and cultural issues relevant to students and faculty with disabilities—inclusive of all disability sub-groups such as physical, sensory, learning, intellectual and mental health.  We also will address ableism, the history of disability rights endeavors,...

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A New Guide on Teaching Students with Disabilities

Jan. 20, 2015—Students of all abilities and backgrounds want classrooms that are inclusive and convey respect. For those students with disabilities, the classroom setting may present certain challenges that need accommodation and consideration. The Center for Teaching has embarked upon a theme year on Teaching, Difference, and Power as a way to explore many of the challenges...

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