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‘educational development’

Lessons from a Journal Club Blog Series

Sep. 13, 2021—Assessment of student learning is a familiar and essential component of teaching. As college instructors, we constantly ask ourselves questions like: “Are my students learning?” “What do they still not understand?” “Do students feel they can approach me with questions or concerns?” or, “That cool new thing I tried this semester — did it work?!”...

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From Math Major to Teaching Center Director: My #altac Journey

May. 27, 2015—by Derek Bruff, CFT Director. Cross-posted from Derek’s blog, Agile Learning. A while back, I was invited to contribute an essay to #alt-academy, a collection exploring “unconventional or alternative careers for people with academic training,” edited by Katina Rogers of the Futures Initiative at the Graduate Center, CUNY. The term #altac, short for “alternative academic,”...

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