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Upcoming Conversation on Teaching: Accessibility and Equity in Course Design

Jan. 15, 2021—Are you interested in learning how to create equitable online spaces that are accessible to all students? This interactive panel discussion will bring together members of the Vanderbilt community who are experts on fostering accessibility in online learning spaces. Panelists will share effective practices and creative approaches for building and implementing accessible courses online. Participants...

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Striving Towards Inclusion in Academic Biology Spring Webinar Series

Jan. 12, 2021—The webinar series on Striving Towards Inclusion in Academic Biology continues this spring with nine seminars focusing on different elements of inclusion. While the series is supported by the Society for Advancement of Biology Education Research and targets academic biology, the webinars are led by scholars from a variety of disciplines (including Anjali Forber-Pratt, Department...

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Trauma-Informed Teaching During COVID-19

Jul. 28, 2020—By Leah Marion Roberts, Senior Graduate Teaching Fellow, 2020-2021 Trauma-informed teaching recognizes that students’ emotional and physical wellbeing, sense of security and belonging, and their past and current traumas influence their ability to learn. In other words, it responds to the reality that students are whole people with whole, complicated lives, in and out of...

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Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Online

Apr. 7, 2020—by Joe Bandy, CFT assistant director   Teaching face-to-face presents many challenges, not least of which is the task of ensuring that all students feel belonging and have equal chances to thrive regardless of their abilities, identities, or perspectives. The online teaching environment suffers from all of the same obstacles to this and more, especially...

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‘Educationally Purposeful’ Thoughts about Race on Campus

Jun. 18, 2014—by Nancy Chick, CFT Assistant Director This week, Vanderbilt is hosting the fourth annual Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success, sponsored by the American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U). On the opening night, CFT Director Derek Bruff and I attended the plenary session, along with the 220 participants from as far away as the...

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