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CFT Working Group: Preparing Syllabi for First Faculty Job

Jun. 30, 2022—By Ransford Pinto During the Spring semester, the CFT organized a¬†working group¬†dedicated to supporting graduate students and postdocs who will be new faculty in the Fall of 2022 to create their needed syllabi in advance of the upcoming school year. In the four bi-weekly meetings, participants engaged in activities focused on Understanding by Design for...

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Preparing Syllabi for Your First Faculty Job

Mar. 15, 2022—This working group will support graduates students and postdocs who will be new faculty in the Fall of 2022 and expected to teach their own classes. Starting a new faculty position is stressful and demanding; the CFT hopes to ease this transition by helping graduating doctoral students and postdocs create their needed syllabi in advance...

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ASPIRE Job Search Series: Preparing for a Teaching Demo

Oct. 18, 2021—How do you put together an effective teaching demonstration for a job interview? How is it different from a research seminar and how can you link the two? Come learn about key considerations for developing this important piece of your interview portfolio. Date: Thursday, October 21 Time: 11:00 Location: Light Hall 419 BCD REGISTER ....

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