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New CFT Guide on Syllabus Design

Jessica Riviere, Senior Graduate Teaching Fellow has develeped a new online guide on the topic of syllabus design. The strongest syllabi are built on a solid foundation of course design. Therefore, you should start by developing learning goals that are appropriate for the level of the class and the students in it. These are goals…

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Ask Professor Pedagogy: Learning Styles

Ask Professor Pedagogy is a twice monthly advice column written by Center for Teaching staff. One aspect of our mission is to cultivate dialogue about teaching and learning, so we welcome questions and concerns that arise in the classroom; particularly those from Vanderbilt faculty, students, and staff. If you have a question that you’d like…

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A Conversation on Learning Styles with Dr. Bill Cerbin

Mention teaching and learning in just about any conversation and you’re likely to hear someone say “I’m a visual learner” or “Not me, I’m an active learner.” You, yourself, might identify with a particular learning style and perhaps see elements of how you best learn come through in the teaching strategies you use.  Some argue…

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Learning Styles: Fact and Fiction – A Conference Report

by Derek Bruff, CFT Assistant Director Back in November I attended the 30th annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching at Miami University in Ohio. I thought I’d share some session highlights with my Vanderbilt colleagues. Here’s the third in a series of posts about the conference. This post is longer than the earlier posts in…

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