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New CFT Guide on Syllabus Design

Posted by on Thursday, May 15, 2014 in News, Resource.

Jessica Riviere, Senior Graduate Teaching Fellow has develeped a new online guide on the topic of syllabus design.

The strongest syllabi are built on a solid foundation of course design. Therefore, you should start by developing learning goals that are appropriate for the level of the class and the students in it. These are goals that can be achieved in one semester, and that are rooted in the discipline. After selecting learning goals for the class, decide how to measure whether students have achieved those goals, and then decide what learning experiences in and outside of class will help students practice what they should learn, that can be achieved in one semester, and that are rooted in the discipline. The syllabus provides the students an introduction to this unified design and also is valuable evidence of a reflective teaching practice to colleagues, including review or search committees.

A syllabus also serves many other functions in a class and this new resource will help you think through what elements you might consider adding to your syllabus, how the tone of your syllabus can affect learners, as well as ways to enrich your syllabus next semester.

Visit the Syllabus Design guide to learn more.

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The CFT has an ongoing process of revising existing guides and developing new ones, so keep your eyes open for announcements here. If you have any questions or comments, or if we can help facilitate a conversation using any of our guides, please contact us at 322-7290.

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