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Learning Community Focusing on the Needs of LGBTQI+ Students

Jun. 18, 2021—This year, the CFT and the KC Potter Center for LGBTQI Life hosted a learning community on ways faculty can better support the needs of LGBTQI+ students.  Over twenty participants met throughout the year to explore LGBTQI+ student’s experiences inside and outside the classroom, to discuss scholarly literature on strategies for inclusion, and techniques of...

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Supporting LGBTQI+ Students

Mar. 9, 2021—            In March, the CFT, the K.C. Potter Center and Office of LGBTQI Life, and the Faculty Senate, are proud to co-sponsor two discussions about how faculty and staff can better support LGBQI+ students. On March 12th (12:00-1:30pm), after some preparatory readings/videos on various social and academic challenges LGBTQ+ students...

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