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‘Mobile Learning’

Please Take Out Your Cell Phones

Jul. 24, 2012—by Derek Bruff, CFT Director I have a blog post on mobile learning (using mobile devices like phones and tablets in education) posted over on the CIRTL Network website today. Here’s an excerpt from the post, “Please Take Out Your Cell Phones.” My theory is that if all students are expected to do with their...

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VU Student Develops Math App for Visually Impaired Students

Mar. 8, 2012—This week, the Vanderbilt VUCast and the Research News at Vanderbilt site feature the work of Jenna Gorlewicz, a graduate student in the Medical and Electromechanical Design Laboratory (MED Lab) at Vanderbilt University, and her adviser Robert Webster, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, who directs the lab. Gorlewicz has developed and is testing a new Android app, one...

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Wireless in the Classroom – Highlights from the Conversation

Sep. 17, 2010—On Tuesday of this week, the CFT hosted a Conversation on Teaching titled “Wireless in the Classroom: Is a Ban on Student Laptop Use During Class a Good Idea?” The subtitle was intended to be provocative, and it seemed to have worked. We had over 30 participants in the conversation, including faculty from all around...

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Wireless in the Classroom – Some Resources

Sep. 14, 2010—Below you’ll find some resources relevant to today’s CFT workshop, “Wireless in the Classroom: Is a Ban on Student Laptop Use During Class a Good Idea?” CFT “Wireless in the Classroom” Teaching Guide – This guide includes questions to consider when developing course policies about wireless in the classroom, as well as sample syllabus statements...

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What Is the Future of Mobile Computing in Teaching at Vanderbilt?

Feb. 8, 2010—According to the 2010 Horizon Report, a report issued by the the New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) identifying emerging technologies likely to impact institutions of higher education in the near future, “mobile computing” is going to play an increasingly important role on campuses in the next two years.  (Please note that...

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