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‘Pedagogical Change’

Applications for New Round of Internal Teaching Grants Now Available

Sep. 23, 2021—The Office of the Provost established two internal funding programs in April 2021, the Educational Advancement Fund and the Course Improvement Grant, designed to support excellence in the classroom through continued pedagogical advancement and long-term educational transformation. The deadline to submit for the upcoming second round of funding is October 15. Read More . . . . .

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Trickle Up

Oct. 27, 2014—by Derek Bruff, CFT Director. Cross-posted from Derek’s blog, Agile Learning. I’ve been busy this month with a variety of activities worth blogging about: the CIRTL Network MOOC on STEM teaching, the De Lange Conference on the future of higher education at Rice University, and this weekend’s THATCamp unconference at Vanderbilt. Perhaps I will blog...

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Coursera as Innovation Accelerator?

Oct. 17, 2012—by Derek Bruff, CFT Director If you watch the talk given by Stanford professor and Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller here at Vanderbilt a couple of weeks ago, it’s easy to miss what might be the most transformative aspect of Coursera’s foray into massive open online courses (MOOCs). Before I point out that aspect, a little...

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Karl Smith: Engineering Education Research, Teaching as Design, & the Connected Mind

Apr. 20, 2011—by CFT Assistant Director Derek Bruff Last week, the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) hosted a talk  by Karl Smith, Professor of Cooperative Learning in Engineering Education at Purdue University. Professor Smith’s talk was titled “Studies at the Interface: Engineering Education Research and Engineering Education Innovation,” and in the talk,...

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