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‘Reading Assignments’

Never Going Back: What Online Teaching in the Times of COVID Can Add to Our Teaching Toolkits – Katie Clements

Feb. 24, 2021—by Mohammad Meerzaei A New Arrangement of Lectures and Reading Assignments: Dr. Katie Clements, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry Teaching first-year writing courses, Dr. Clements found herself in an especially demanding situation when shifting to online teaching. Not only did she have to manage a swift transition to online teaching, but she also had to help...

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Last Week’s ‘T.W.L.’ Conversation on Teaching Writing: Low-Stakes, Written Reading Guides

Jan. 27, 2014—Amanda Benson (Biological Sciences) talked about “Writing as Discovery: Using Low-Stakes Writing to Help Students Learn” on January 21. This lunchtime gathering was the fifth gathering in the “Teaching. Writing. Learning.” series of conversations on teaching writing. To start the conversation, Amanda acknowledged that writing can be intimidating to scientists–faculty and students alike. Her pedagogical...

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Student and Faculty Expectations about Responsibilities – Highlights from a Conversation

Apr. 15, 2011—by CFT Assistant Director Derek Bruff Last month, the CFT hosted a conversation titled “Negotiating Student Expectations about Freedom and Responsibility.” We’ve found that when students and faculty have very different expectations about teaching and learning, a variety of teaching challenges can result, frequently leading to frustration for both teachers and students. We’re planning to...

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