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New Guide on Project-based and Dynamic Collaborative Learning

Nov. 25, 2021—The newest addition to the CFT’s Course Development Resources (CDR) site, entitled Project-Based and Dynamic Collaborative Learning, is all about how instructors can design meaningful, effective group work through research-informed strategies and the intentional use of technology. The guide explores the research on collaborative groups and answers questions such as: How should we form groups? How can we effectively...

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Promoting Persistence in STEM Learning Community: Resources and Reflections

Sep. 28, 2021—STEM disciplines have long been concerned with disparities between underrepresented and well-represented student groups and the associated “pipeline” problem, where underrepresented students are more likely to switch away from STEM majors. In 2020-2021, a group of about twenty faculty from eight departments met biweekly to consider ways to address this problem individually and collectively. Members...

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CFT Opens New Digital Media Lab to Support Faculty

Sep. 20, 2021—The Digital Media Lab in the Digital Commons building at 1101 19th Avenue South provides guidance, instruction, and resources to all faculty, regardless of technology experience, who want to create and use digital media in their teaching. The digital media specialists at the DML can help faculty learn about video production, audio production, graphic design, and web design....

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Lessons from a Journal Club Blog Series

Sep. 13, 2021—Assessment of student learning is a familiar and essential component of teaching. As college instructors, we constantly ask ourselves questions like: “Are my students learning?” “What do they still not understand?” “Do students feel they can approach me with questions or concerns?” or, “That cool new thing I tried this semester — did it work?!”...

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Resources for Teaching Online, Hybrid, and Socially Distant Classes

Jul. 21, 2020—By Heather Fedesco, CFT Assistant Director Thinking about the fall semester and what our teaching will be like raises two very extreme responses. On the one hand, everything feels so uncertain. Will my class be entirely online? Where will my students be taking my course – on campus, in a different time zone, in a...

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