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Episode 4 – An Interview with Duco Jansen

Posted by on Thursday, February 7, 2008 in Podcast.

In this episode, we feature excerpts from an interview with Duco Jansen, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering here at Vanderbilt. All undergraduate students in the Vanderbilt School of Engineering are required to have laptops that meet certain specifications. In this interview, Duco describes some of the ways he takes advantage of this policy by having his students use their laptops during class.

Episode 4 – An Interview with Duco Jansen

[MP3, 16 min 35 sec]

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If you’ve used laptops in your classrooms or have ideas for doing so, we encourage you to leave a comment here. Vanderbilt instructors are also welcome to call the Center for Teaching at 322-7290 to arrange a meeting with a CFT teaching consultant to discuss ways to use laptops effectively in their teaching.


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