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Call for Proposals – CIRTL Teaching-as-Research Fellows Program – Due June 1, 2010

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As part of the CIRTL Network activities at Vanderbilt, the CFT co-sponsors the Teaching-as-Research (TAR) Fellows program for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields at Vanderbilt.  The call for proposals for fall 2010 Fellows can be found below.

I. General

CIRTL is the Center for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning.  It is a network of institutions, led by the University of Wisconsin, with the aim of increasing the preparation of future faculty in teaching.  Vanderbilt is one of the CIRTL partners.

II. Awards

The VU CIRTL group wishes to offer topping-up awards of $3,000 each for semester-long commitments of teaching assistants, post doctoral fellows or graduate students to engage in a “Teaching as Research” (TAR) project for Fall 2010.  A maximum of 6 awards is available. This can be received as additional stipend for US citizens and permanent residents.  It must replace other support for international students.

III. Teaching as Research

CIRTL defines TAR as follows: “Teaching-as-Research involves the deliberate, systematic, and reflective use of research methods to develop and implement teaching practices that advance the learning experiences and outcomes of students and teachers.” Examples may be found on the CFT’s website. Other examples are provided on the VaNTH website.

The goals of our program are as follows:

  • to provide faculty with resources for designing and assessing curricular innovations,
  • to provide graduate students and other future faculty members with training and development in the design and assessment of teaching and learning activities, and
  • to benefit the learning of undergraduate students through the development and assessment of curricular innovations.

IV. Proposal Format

Directors of graduate study and faculty instructors in STEM disciplines are invited to propose support for Fall 2010.  Please send a proposal to Thomas R. Harris at or Box 1724 Station B, Vanderbilt University by June 1, 2010. The proposal format is as follows:

  1. Name of teaching assistant or other graduate student for whom support is sought.
  2. Department Name
  3. Faculty mentor (with signature)
  4. Director of Graduate Studies (with signature)
  5. Course that project will benefit.
  6. Brief description of project (no more than one page).  This should emphasize the instructional innovations that will be developed and the assessment of effectiveness.

Students in STEM fields pursuing the Center for Teaching’s Teaching Certificate program are encouraged to apply for this support.  TAR Fellows can receive Teaching Certificate credit for their CIRTL-sponsored projects.  Contact the CFT for more information.

All selected applicants must make every effort to do the following:

  1. Must attend a teaching workshop at the beginning of the fall semester. The workshop will include an orientation to teaching-as-research.
  2. Should sign up for the following 1 hour course:BME 395:  Preparation for Teaching
    Fall 2010,Tuesday 2:10-4, Dr. Stacy S. Klein
    BME 395.  Preparation for Teaching.  Basics of curriculum design, assessment, accreditation.  Diversity in the classroom and classroom management.  Technology for teaching, assessment, and communication.  Basics of K-12 outreach.  Open to graduate students in all STEM disciplines wishing to pursue college/university teaching.  FALL.  [1].
  3. Meet weekly during the fall semester in a working group facilitated by Center for Teaching staff.   The working group will provide fellows with feedback and support as they design and implement their projects.
  4. Submit to Thomas R. Harris a 2 page report by January 15, 2011 of the results of this project and present a poster of their results. (See example posters here.)

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