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Graduate students present investigations of teaching tools and approaches on May 18th

Posted by on Thursday, April 28, 2016 in Events, News.

Several programs at Vanderbilt help graduate students address questions of teaching and learning within their discipline. Among these are the BOLD Fellows program, sponsored by the Center for Teaching and CIRTL, which focuses on creating and assessing online instructional approaches for use in a Vanderbilt course; the TAR Fellows program, a flagship CIRTL program; and the VIDL Fellows program, which focuses on exploring digital pedagogies for use outside as well as inside formal course structures.

We invite you to attend presentations of the BOLD, TAR, and VIDL Fellows on Wednesday, May 18, 11:30-1:00, in the Library Community Room in the Central Library (map). The event will include four short oral presentations (~11:30-12:15) and a poster session. Please feel free to drop in for the portion of the event that fits your schedule. Refreshments will be provided.

BOLD Fellows

 Ryan-Bowen Ryan Bowen, Chemistry

Oral presentation:
Implementing an inquiry-based approach into a forensic analytical chemistry laboratory
Faculty mentor: Susan Verbene-Sutton

 Alex-Cheng Alex Cheng, Biomedical Informatics

Poster presentation:
Online module for qualitative methods in biomedical informatics
Faculty mentor: Kim Unertl

 Kristin-Droege Kristin Droege, Chemistry

Poster presentation:
Does online homework format impact student learning and self-assessment in biochemistry?
Faculty mentors: Cynthia Brame, Brandt Eichman, Lauren Jackson, and Bubba Singleton

Kelly-Gilmore Kelly Gilmore, Chemistry

Poster presentation:
Establishing a foundation of acid-base concepts in general chemistry using an interactive online module
Faculty mentor: Tara Todd

 Noah-Green Noah Green, Biological Sciences

Oral presentation:
Using online active learning techniques to convey time compensated sun compass orientation in the Eastern North American Monarch
Faculty mentor: Doug McMahon

 Hannah-Krimm Hannah Krimm, Hearing and Speech Sciences

Poster presentation:
Effect of an online learning module for transcription and phonological awareness
Faculty mentor: Melanie Schuele

 Jena-McDaniel Laurel-Teller Jena McDaniel and Laurel Teller, both Hearing and Speech Sciences

Poster presentation:
Effect of an online training module on graduate students’ observational skills of communication in young children
Faculty mentor: Melanie Schuele

Kendra-Oliver Kendra Oliver, Pharmacology

Poster presentation:
Probing the use of blogs to promote student ownership
Faculty mentor: John Wikswo

Thomas-Struble Thomas Struble, Chemistry

Poster presentation
Faculty mentor: Jeff Johnston

Samantha-Tramontano Samantha Tramontano, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Poster presentation:
Developing and incorporating instructional videos and quizzes as an online learning component in an undergraduate optical microscopy curriculum
Faculty mentors: Lily Claiborne and Guil Gualda

Michael-Walker Mike Walker, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Poster presentation

Faculty mentor: Doug Schmidt

Zhi-Zheng Zhi (Jenny) Zheng, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Oral presentation:
Study on whether computer visualizations and educational videos are helpful for students to learn rigidbody rotation
Faculty mentor: Nilanjan Sarkar

TAR Fellows

Andrea-Gardiner Andrea Gardiner, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Oral presentation:
Linking the classroom to the world through photographic assignments
Faculty mentor: Mike Myers

Allison-Elizabeth-Norlander Allison Norlander, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, and Karissa Tilbury, Biomedical Engineering

Poster presentation:
Dispelling conceptual misconceptions of the central dogma: a flipped classroom approach
Faculty mentor: Kathy Friedman

Nick-Ward Nicholas Ward, Neuroscience

Poster presentation:
Enhancing STEM pedagogy discussions by engaging practitioners and technique experts
Collaborator: Tyler Perfitt, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

VIDL Fellows

 maxkylie Max Baumkel and Kylie Korsnack, both English

Poster presentation:
Pedagogical implications of a joint class blog in writing-intensive courses

he Qiliang He, Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience

Poster presentation:
Comparing paid and non-paid users’ grade and forum activity in massive open online courses
Faculty mentors: Doug Fisher, Ole Molvig and Gayathri Narasimham

 houston Stacey Houston, II, Sociology

Poster presentation:
Pass the idea please: The relationship between network embeddedness and MOOC course performance

SOTL Scholar

 smith Derek Smith, Biostatistics

Poster presentation





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