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Faculty Panel Considers Future of Digital Literacies on Leading Lines Podcast

Posted by on Monday, June 24, 2019 in News, Podcast.

On Leading Lines, we usually talk with educators, researchers, and technologists about what they’re doing now, and ask them a question or two about where they’d like to see educational technology go in the next few years. In this episode, however, we’re going to camp out in the future.

The Vanderbilt Center for Teaching recently convened a faculty panel to discuss the future of digital literacies where we asked our panelists to engage in a wide-ranging and wildly speculative conversation about the future of digital literacies.

You’ll hear from Doug Fisher, associate professor of computer science and faculty head of Warren College, one of Vanderbilt’s residential colleges; Corbette Doyle, senior lecturer in leadership, policy, and organizations; and Jaco Hamman, associate professor of religion, psychology, and culture.


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