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Never Going Back: What Online Teaching in the Times of COVID Can Add to Our Teaching Toolkits – Elisabeth Sandberg

Feb. 19, 2021—by Mohammad Meerzaei Enhanced Quality Time in Teaching: Dr. Elisabeth Sandberg, Senior Lecturer in Psychology Having taught at least one very large class each semester for years, Sandberg found that teaching online this fall helped her achieve new ways of interacting with students in different stages of their learning. She shares with us her thoughts...

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PowerPoint hack: A homemade time tracking tool for meetings and classes

Feb. 12, 2021—by Cynthia Brame Have you ever wanted a timer in class or a workshop that would help speakers track their time—without the stress of an actual clock? I recently found something that served this purpose and think it could be handy for a number of situations where you want a visual reminder of time. See...

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Faculty Panel Considers Future of Digital Literacies on Leading Lines Podcast

Jun. 24, 2019—On Leading Lines, we usually talk with educators, researchers, and technologists about what they’re doing now, and ask them a question or two about where they’d like to see educational technology go in the next few years. In this episode, however, we’re going to camp out in the future. The Vanderbilt Center for Teaching recently...

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Ed Tech Podcast Features Gabriele Dillmann

Oct. 29, 2018—In this episode, we feature an interview Stacey Johnson conducted for her podcast, We Teach Languages, with Gabriele Dillmann, associate professor of German at Denison University, a small liberal arts college in Ohio. Gabriele is the director of the Great Lakes Colleges Association’s Shared Languages Program. The program features language courses taught at one school in the consortium that...

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Leading Lines Ed Tech Podcast with Ingeborg Walther

Oct. 11, 2018—This fall, two members of the Leading Lines team, working completely independently, brought interviews with university educators about shared language programs. In each case, a group of colleges and universities got together to offer online language courses. These are courses that wouldn’t have enough enrollment to run at a single institution, but across three or...

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