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From the Director

My daughters and I spent a few days in Washington, DC, this summer. One highlight of the trip was watching my nine-year-old explore the National Building Museum. She likes to build dollhouses out of cereal boxes and craft sticks and hot glue, so a museum devoted to the built environment was her happy place. It…

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From the Director

Think, Pair, Share. It’s a simple approach to engaging students in class discussions. Instead of asking a question of your class and waiting for a few students to respond, ask students to think about the question silently for thirty seconds, then pair up and discuss their responses for a minute or two. When you ask…

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From the Director: Teaching, Difference, and Power

by Derek Bruff, CFT Director Several years ago, I read about a line of research in mathematics education that immediately captured my attention.  The research indicated that reminding female students of their gender before they took a math exam tended to decrease their exam performance in a statistically significant way.  The reminder could be very…

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