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Syllabus Statements

Aug. 20, 2018—by Derek Bruff, CFT Director It’s that time of year. Time to update the syllabus for your fall course. Or maybe create a new syllabus from scratch. I feel like I’m ahead of schedule this year, since I updated the syllabus for my first-year writing seminar last Wednesday, a full week ahead of the first...

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Course Design Grad Student & Postdoc Workshop

Apr. 10, 2017—Many graduate students do not get the opportunity to design their own syllabi or design and organize their courses. This workshop has been developed to assist graduate students in being more aware and intentional about how to design a course and syllabus overall. The workshop will include feedback from faculty in various departments about their thought...

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New CFT Guide on Syllabus Design

May. 15, 2014—Jessica Riviere, Senior Graduate Teaching Fellow has develeped a new online guide on the topic of syllabus design. The strongest syllabi are built on a solid foundation of course design. Therefore, you should start by developing learning goals that are appropriate for the level of the class and the students in it. These are goals...

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Syllabus Design

Apr. 5, 2014—Print Version by Jessica Riviere, Danielle Picard, and Richard Coble1   What does a syllabus contain? || How does tone affect learners? ||  What are examples of policies and resources I can use? || Where can I learn more? A syllabus serves many functions in a class. In The Course Syllabus: A Learning Centered Approach...

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What’s In Your Syllabus?

Jan. 7, 2014—by Nancy Chick, CFT Assistant Director I just posted my syllabus on YES (Your Enrollment Services, where students register online) as part of Vanderbilt’s effort to help students make informed choices about their courses, and I had a moment of anxiety.  Like Anne Bradstreet in “The Author to Her Book,” despite my worries that it’s...

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Making Student Thinking Visible: Metacognitive Practices in the Classroom

Mar. 11, 2013—by Nancy Chick (CFT Assistant Director) and Katie Headrick Taylor (CFT Graduate Teaching Fellow) Every Friday, the four CFT Graduate Teaching Fellows and Assistant Director Nancy Chick meet to discuss the week’s activities and then explore something substantive, either through readings or guests.  We recently discussed the “Top 12 Teaching and Learning Articles of 2012”...

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