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Reflecting On and Documenting Your Teaching Experiences

Reflecting on Teaching: What?  For Whom?  Why? Often, the motivation to improve one’s teaching by revising practices or experimenting with new initiatives stems from reflection.  This reflection often focuses on feedback received from others, such as student evaluations or peer reviews.  Reflection further involves one’s own assessment of experiences, through self-observation and activities that foster…

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CIRTL Coffee Hour: Constructing Your Teaching Portfolio

Ever wonder exactly should be in a teaching portfolio….or perhaps, how you should go about getting the teaching experience that would let you construct one? Don Gillian-Daniel, Jenna Gorlewicz, and Mary Loveless addressed just these questions at a recent CIRTL Coffee Hour. Jenna Gorlewicz is in her first year as a tenure-track assistant professor of…

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Need Help Revising A Teaching Statement?

CFT Graduate Teaching Fellow, Beth Koontz, reflects on how to revise a teaching statement as the job-market season begins. So, for whatever reason, you have written a teaching statement. However, that teaching statement may be from a long time ago, or it may not be an accurate representation of your experience since then. For me,…

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Summertime and Course Redesign

In a recent article in Inside Higher Ed, Benjamin Rifkin, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the College of New Jersey, outlines why and how the summer months can be the best time to review your teaching practices and verify they still align with your teaching philosophy. Such reflection may take…

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Upcoming Event: Getting Ready for Review

Join us for this upcoming teaching workshop! Getting Ready for Review Date & Time:      February 28, 4:10-5:30 Facilitator:           Joe Bandy, Assistant Director Format:              Teaching Workshop Audience:           Faculty Only As you consider documenting your teaching for review or promotion, join us for a hands-on workshop. We will begin…

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GradSTEP recap: Teaching Portfolios

This blog post is written by Leanna Fuller, CFT Senior Graduate Teaching Fellow. Leanna led the Teaching Portfolio session at GradSTEP on January 21, 2012. I began my GradSTEP session on teaching portfolios by inviting participants to wrestle with the following question: “Who are you in the classroom?” By asking this question, I wanted to…

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Upcoming Event: Writing a Teaching Statement

Have you registered yet? Register now for Writing a Teaching Statement, Date & Time: Tuesday, October 11, 4:10-5:30 Facilitator: CFT Graduate Teaching Fellow Format: Teaching Workshop Audience: Graduate Students and Post-Docs When entering the job market, you need to be prepared to articulate your teaching values and methods for search committees, especially those that will not…

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10/11 Workshop: Writing a Teaching Statement

Time & Date: 4:10—5:30 p.m., Monday, October 11 Facilitator: Graduate Teaching Fellow, CFT Audience: Graduate and Professional Students and Post-docs When entering the job market, you need to be prepared to articulate your teaching values and methods for search committees, especially those that will not be able to observe you teaching.  The goal of a…

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9/23 Workshop: Getting Ready for Review: Reflecting On and Documenting Your Teaching

Time & Date: 4:10 – 5:30 p.m., Thursday, September 23 Facilitator: Allison Pingree, Director, CFT Audience: Faculty only As a new semester begins, now is a great time to make plans for reflecting on and documenting your teaching throughout the year.  In this interactive, hands-on session, we’ll explore what, when, how, for whom, and why…

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Reflecting On and Documenting Your Teaching Effectiveness

With the academic year drawn to a close, now is a good time to reflect on teaching experiences while they’re still fresh.   At a recent CFT workshop, 23 faculty gathered to do just that, exploring how to write about teaching, why it’s important to do so, audiences and purposes for such reflections, and concrete strategies…

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