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Upcoming Brightspace Worskhops

Feb. 1, 2021—CFT staff offer Brightspace workshops for instructors interested in learning how to use Brightspace tools effectively and efficiently. We are also available during the academic year to facilitate Brightspace workshops on topics both general and specific for departments, programs, and schools, upon request. Email to ask about these offerings or the possibility of an invited...

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Vanderbilt Libraries Fall Virtual Workshops

Sep. 10, 2020—Vanderbilt Libraries are hosting two exciting new virtual workshop series this fall. Research Productivity Series To be productive, researchers must identify relevant research, sift through and organize it to suit their scholarly purposes, and present it effectively to others. Researchers are apt to get stuck at any of these steps. This workshop series aims to...

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Brush up on Some Essential Brightspace skills

Aug. 4, 2020—Brush up on some essential Brightspace skills before teaching in an online or hybrid format this fall. Join Stacey, the CFT’s Assistant Director for Educational Technology, on Zoom for workshops about Brightspace tools including Discussions and Grades/Feedback. You can register and learn more about the available workshops on the Brightspace workshops page. If you will be...

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