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Vanderbilt Libraries Fall Virtual Workshops

Posted by on Thursday, September 10, 2020 in Events.

Vanderbilt Libraries are hosting two exciting new virtual workshop series this fall.

Research Productivity Series

To be productive, researchers must identify relevant research, sift through and organize it to suit their scholarly purposes, and present it effectively to others. Researchers are apt to get stuck at any of these steps. This workshop series aims to give attendees concise, engaging, and practical guidance for finding, understanding, applying, and sharing research.

More information

Contact information: Pamela Morgan,

Digital Literacies Series

Both media and scholarly outputs are shared in increasingly open, diverse ways. The increasing production and consumption of digital media, necessitates an understanding of the cultural logics of information sharing ecologies, of the processes and rationales for digital output creation, and of our own ethical responsibilities in sharing those outputs. These types of digital literacies are critically important for life-long learners, engaged citizens, and critical consumers of open scholarship.

More information

Contact information: Andrew Wesolek,

All workshops will take place via Zoom. No registration is required.

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