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Pivoting to remote teaching and learning: Community health clinical hours from a distance through parent education

Posted by on Thursday, April 9, 2020 in Commentary, News.

Jennifer Ridgway is a Nursing faculty member who is engaged in the CFT’s Junior Faculty Teaching Fellowship this year. She teaches in the Community Health course series, which requires that students engage in a particular number of clinical hours. During the transition to remote teaching and learning this spring, Jennifer and her colleagues worked with their students to find creative ways for students to engage in their required clinical interaction from a distance.

“The purpose of our community health clinical is to implement a child focused asthma education program at a metro Nashville elementary school.  The curriculum is aimed at teaching children, with an asthma diagnosis, to recognize asthma triggers and symptoms and when to notify an adult. 

This is the third academic year that groups of community health nursing students have implemented this program at this elementary school. Students planned to host a parents’ breakfast in order to introduce the asthma curriculum and to answer any questions parents may have about the program. Students and their clinical instructor also planned to reiterate how to best avoid triggers, proper use of prescribed medications, and how to recognize and respond to asthma symptoms.

Community health has transitioned to an online format and MNPS schools are now closed until the end of the school year. In order to continue to gain relevant clinical hours and meet the needs of patients with a chronic illness, community health students will develop a parent education video.  Students will develop the video in a format that can be viewed on a smart phone as not all families have access to a laptop.  The goal of the video is to be informative, interesting, and at an appropriate health literacy level.  Students will either use the studio at Vanderbilt School of Nursing (if accessible by the end of May) or the online format of Zoom. The video will be published on YouTube in order to be accessible to families.”

Please note that the Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows program is accepting applications until April 30. For more information and access to the application, see this page.






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