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Using OneNote to teach online

Mar. 30, 2020—by Elliott McCarter, Senior Lecturer in Hindi-Urdu, Asian Studies Program and 2019-2020 Junior Faculty Teaching Fellow at Vanderbilt University Upon being called to teach my courses online, I cringed at the thought of being chained to a computer for hours on end as I slowly typed everything in Hindi, Urdu, and Sanskrit. My strong desire...

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GoReact enables faculty and peers to give feedback on presentations

Mar. 25, 2020—Through June 30th, Vanderbilt faculty and students can use GoReact for free by signing up with a valid Vanderbilt email address. GoReact is a video feedback tool where students can upload videos and receive time-stamped feedback from both instructors and peers. This tool is useful for when you need to give feedback on student presentations,...

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New CFT resource on giving online exams focuses on reducing the probability of cheating

Mar. 24, 2020—As courses have moved online this spring, many of us need to consider how to have our students take exams online. In many cases, this involves learning how to use tools that help ensure students take the exam with only the resources you want them to have. As you think about giving exams online, it...

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Missed the Workshop? Watch “Tools for Putting Your Teaching Online”

Mar. 13, 2020—As Vanderbilt prepares to move its classes to online and other alternative forms of instruction for the remainder of the semester, the Center for Teaching is offering a number of workshops to support faculty and other instructors as they make this transition. We are partnering with the Office of Faculty Affairs and Vanderbilt University Information...

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